Our Products

All of the timber which we use is locally grown hardwood which has been sawn, split and seasoned with an average moisture content of 20% or less. Each bag contains a mixture of wood types with a prominence of ash and silver birch but we also include small proportions of oak, beech and sycamore within the firewood mix. When burnt together ash and silver birch make an excellent fuel - the silver birch catches fire very easily, quickly producing plenty of heat whilst the ash takes a little longer to catch aligh t but it does burn for longer, as does the oak and beech.

The wood is cut to an average length of 22cm and our standard logs have a diameter of 8 - 10cm. This makes them perfect for small to medium sized wood burning stoves (4 - 7kw). We can also supply slightly larger chunky logs which are ideally suited to larger stoves and open fires.

If you require chunky logs please indicate this at the time of ordering.

All of our prices include VAT (domestic fuel tax) at 5%


We are offering a free local delivery service* of our seasoned logs to Retford, Tuxford, Ollerton, Bawtry, Worksop, Lincoln, Saxilby, North Hykeham, Gainsborough and surrounding villages*. See the map on the contact us page if you are unsure if you are within the delivery area. If you are further than 15 miles away please give us a call and we will happily arrange something to deliver you your firewood.

We also offer national delivery service for those of you a lot further away at cost price - Contact us if you require this service.

For local deliveries we aim that all confirmed orders will be delivered within 3 working days although often deliveries will be made within 1 - 2 days of order confirmation. If an urgent same day delivery is required we will do our upmost to achieve this.

All of our logs are delivered in bags which keep them contained after delivery - you will not have to deal with the inconvenience of having loose logs being tipped onto your drive.

We will do our best to get your logs to you whatever the weather conditions - if you have run out of wood and there is a foot of snow lying on the ground we will use a 4 wheel drive tractor and crane if necessary.

Beside 2 sizes of bulk bags we are also offering delivery of logs of barrow bags. These are very convenient, customer friendly mini bulk bags which we can often place directly into a log store (see our Log Store page) or garage/ garden shed. We can move the bags along a reasonably level garden path, down small steps and through standard sized doorways. Also the bags are ventilated allowing the logs to be kept in the bags until they are required for burning.

With the barrow bags we are in effect offering you a delivery and stacking service all in one and at no extra charge when compared with the bulk bags


Our preferred payment method is via Bank Transfer (BACS) in advance or Cheque on delivery as these are free for us to process. Advance payment will make your delivery even easier - we can even deliver your logs while you are out. We also accept credit/debit card online or cash on delivery.

*Minimum Spend £ 70, within 15 miles of DN22 0EG

* Within 15 miles. Orders over £ 70