About Us

Retford Logs is a newly established family business producing high grade seasoned hardwood logs in Nottinghamshire.

Whilst we are a new dedicated firewood business we first started producing and selling logs over 30 years ago and have spent many years working within the firewood and forestry industry and during this time have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which are using to produce top quality firewood.


Our firewood logs are produced from firewood grade timber which we have sourced locally. The timber which we use is harvested from sustainably managed local woods thus ensuring our products have as low an environmental impact as possible.

We do not use wood arisings from domestic tree surgery work or other gardening byproducts which tend to be very variable in their quality and nature, but select suitable firewood grade timber which once processed, produces high quality firewood logs.


We are a member of the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) No. BSL0509 005-0001. This accreditation ensures that the firewood being sold is verified as being from legal and sustainable sources and that the products being sold are as described.


The main aims of our business are to produce the best naturally seasoned hardwood logs which you can buy, offer them for sale at a very competitive price and back this up with first class customer service. We have already produced a good stock of logs which will be fully seasoned for the time autumn arrives. These will then be graded and packed ready for delivery.

Retford Logs are proud to provide:

Locally grown seasoned hardwood logs.

Rapid and reliable free home delivery service.

Convenient barrow bag deliveries so logs can be placed directly in your log store or garden shed.

Accurate description of our products.

Competitive pricing.

Friendly helpful staff - advice and assistance is only a phone call away.

* Within 15 miles. Orders over £ 70